Overblown You: Part One

I think someone called it an overblown perception of you or an amplified or even megafied version of yourself that gets you more attention. This all is leading into the person who is promoting you and the music you create and hope to have millions of people, or at least a few hundred thousand listen to.

Granted some of us may naturally be more forward in the presentation of ourselves but most likely most of us are just hanging along the periphery, our few friends and family in tow, just trying to get on with life and not get too much attention. This does not work when promoting your music. If you chose to remain in the corner in the shadows as you are trying to promote yourself then that is most likely where you will remain at the beginning and for the rest of the show. (no pun intended.)

I am not asking anyone to create multiple personalities and if you do have MPD (multiple personality disorder) this might work if one of your personalities is all about getting the other guy, the musician’s music out there. But on the whole you have to realize that the waters of the music industry, if it can even be called that anymore, are murky and shark infested. Meaning there are many others out there willing to do just about anything, and I mean anything, to get themselves over. There are the middlers who do a little in the way of promoting themselves to the public and then there are the wall flowers, none of these groups you want to be a member of.

The first group is annoying and desperate, two traits which are not appealing to anyone no matter the profession. If you are being asked to buy a new razor or some new perfume it is going to be much more difficult to do so from some one who gets on your nerves and acts as though if you do not make the purchase from them an entire village is going to starve to death or they might even take their life. Don’t be that guy or girl.

The middler is that person who sends out press releases, CD’s, Mp3 cards, etc but when they are in person at their events they are just kind of blah. They might talk about their music but when others leave them are they going to remember talking to them the next day? Probably not. They have no Stickiness which is essential for your music to have and this begins with your ability to be sticky. (more on this later.)

Then there is the person sitting in the corner, maybe a rough demo in hand who just sits there, and sits there, and then cries at home that night out of frustration because they just can’t make it work. You get the idea.
Also there are hundreds of variants on these models and mixtures. One could site artists who were so talented someone heard them and said “let me be the person out there promoting your music” and whalla there they went. First, this is not reality based and has never been. Even if it was 5, 10, or 15 years ago it is not the case anymore. And even so the person had to have had a performance to begin with which meant they got off their A$$ and at least drifted over to the role of a middler and their talent got them the rest of the way.

I want us to focus on the first two examples and glean them. Have you ever heard of making something into a strength that otherwise is usually considered a weakness? If not let me give you an example that is aimed at the first example, the annoying as all get out desperate I wannabe a performer so bad I would die and want the world to know it. They have enough drive to embarrass themselves to the point of “making it” or getting themselves heard. Annoying? Yes. Fruitful? Sometimes but most of the time the exposure their receive is just for the entertainment of others so they can make fun of them. Think of the crazy girl on American Idol, Lamerisa or whatever her name was. Granted she was annoying, over dramatic, and glaringly overblown but she did get her shot, and considering her talent, or lack there of, she would not have gotten this shot if not for her sheer will to make things happen for herself. Plain and simple she wanted something and she was prepared, at all costs, to see that through. Get this example clear, I am not saying any talent show is a path to success, what I am saying is that in that moment or those moments she did whatever she thought it took to get noticed.

The good and the bad.
She was annoying. Another example: old school telephones. Think of when a phone rings. It is helpful in a way because it lets you know there is most likely someone on the other end of the telephone waiting to communicate wit you. Useful. But if left unanswered it just rings and rings unless the other person hangs up on the other end. After 3 or 4 rings it starts to grate on your nerves. I find myself, when they are used on a movie as a dramatic devise, saying “someone answer the thing!” Amerisa or whatever her name was became just like that telephone. The first few times, “ok she can kind of sing, and man she really wants this, I mean she really wants to be a star.” Later “lord I wish they would not only banish her from the show but obliterate her forever from this planet.” Just joking but guess what? She got noticed and I bet if she had her stuff together she could have left that stage and sold a bunch of CD’s and booked a ton of shows just from her exposure. Crazy? Yes. Driven? Hell yes!

Let’s Break this into 2 parts.

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