“I wanna Rock n Roll all night/And party everyday”

Simple anthem, great song, and one that even the stodgiest person in the world would have trouble not humming. This concept is what has driven much of the Rock N Roll attitude since at least the mid sixties when Keith Richards and others began making it almost assumed that rockers led a life which demanded they derange their systems at all times in order to be the people they are.

As a hopeful musician or performer who wants to make your living doing the things you love doing you need to remember that the roadside is littered with the swollen, dead bodies and withered skeletons of those who tried to rock n roll all night and party everyday. It is a cliché of a cliché with the knowledge available to us in this day and age.
When I mean Drugs I also include alcohol which is just as deadly and dangerous as the “unacceptable” forms of intoxicants. Am I a killjoy, not in the least, what I am offering are suggestions. As an adult one is free to botch up their lives in any manner they so chose. If you are a young person reading this then let me pose this to you, and this is not “drugs are bad ok” talk. The younger you begin something which can lead to becoming habit-forming the more likely it is you will develop a habit which you will be dealing with in the future. Plain and simple: you will become dependent on a substance and that substance will run your life, not you running it, but it running you.

I will not go into vivid detail about each and every substance as it is boring and most everyone has heard it already. From my own experiences I have seen people make perfect wrecks of themselves, those around them, and any hopes of accomplishing things in this life. I use this to warn because if your goal is to make music and you ever think that a substance will assist you in that before hard work, dedication, and love of your craft then you are falling for one of the biggest lies, damnable lies, out there.

Cocaine, pot, heroin, speed, booze, etc., etc., will only eventually hang you up. You would think in this day and age that we have had enough examples to know that going down these roads only dead-end into no where. Yet still we see people not learning the lessons of the past.

What is sad is that these days I will think about an upcoming show I might be playing and if I am in need of a certain instrument and that musician lives in the town I am playing I will think “I will call so and so” but then pause and realize “so and so” is dead because they could not give up a habit that eventually killed them. They are not cool, they do not get to do the thing they love anymore, and they have nothing to look forward to any longer because they are, sadly, dead.

Oh also one final salvo, the guys responsible for the above quote, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, did not get to become KISS by being drug addicts.

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