Why Che?

Why Che?
I get asked this: “Why Che Guevarra as the symbol for your blog? A communist?” Then of course the next question “Are you or have you ever been associated with communism?”

Let me take the last one first. Senator McCarthy and esteemed committee members… Hardy Har Har.


No. Not ever. Unless you count listening to Rage Against the Machine. But no I think communism, with its centralization of resources, is a doomed plan for failure. Without an element of capitalism it will not work and many governments are realizing this and making the necessary changes.

Now the first two, which are really one question expanded into two.
I like his ideals. Mostly his views on the common person and their right to be provided a chance to thrive, views shared by Eugene Debs, Martin Luther King, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ghandi, and Jesus Christ.
But why a revolutionary from Latin America? What does this have to do with music?

Che Guevarra was a guerilla warrior of the highest order. Technically so was George Washington but old wooden toothed George just did not seem to fit the bill for my blog. I wanted an air of superior counter revolutionary activity. Why?

Because as an independent musician it is a false assumption to look at yourself in any other light than that of a guerilla warrior, you must think in these terms. But even though you insist on not thinking in these terms you will still do the activities which spring from this mentality. Approaching your art as a one person army, or a recruiter of a small army, you empower yourself to do the things, which I describe on this blog, necessary to further your efforts.

This sums it up.
Thanks for your continued support.

Viva la musica!


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