Evolve (Redux)

A continued thought about my last blog because I cannot get the comparisons and contrasts to the old way of doing versus the new out of my mind.

Picture this cartoon: A music lover is kicked back in a comfy chair, big huge can head phones on, the music symbols dancing up in the air to show you they are enjoying music, and a line of famous artists (Elvis, the Beatles, Hendrix, etc.) lined up, albums in hand and all looking at a sign: This Music Lover is currently listening to 1,000 albums and might have time later to get to you.

Imagine that in the past, if you are old enough to. Now place that in the perspective of now. That is pretty much a campy way of looking at the situation. Music consumers/fans/lovers/customers whatever you want to call them are the main character of this cartoon. Their expectations are high and the choices massive.

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