My Stupid Band Name!

Here is my approach or thinking about band names and artist portrayals I have reached over the last 4 or 5 years and it is almost humorous how ironically the two are juxtaposed against one another, in other words, it is funny how the perception of one is the reality of the other.

People love the idea of groups, of team, of a bunch of people huddled together against the rest of the world. What better example of this is the Rock Band or the consortium of musicians we see under one banner. Maybe it is instinctual who knows but people like the idea of a small group of people, a band, and the identity that comes with the band. We are joiners by nature, no matter how much of an iconoclast or a loner we think we are, even if it is the decision to like the idea of a group while disdaining them yourself.

Now first this is all my theory and I am reaching out there on this one, but bare with me. If you disagree that is cool too.

The idea of a band is very cool to people. You do not have to have anymore than one talented musician to be a band. Sure a couple, another person to bounce musical ideas and sounds off of, would be cool but not necessary. A band is only an image really if you think about it in those terms. Sure U2 or the Rolling Stones are greatness by the sum of their own parts. No doubt and hundreds of other bands, but the idea of holding a band together and then quitting because the bass player’s girlfriend is giving him grief or the bass player is pregnant.

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