Selling your soul

This would be filed as an addendum to a previous post entitled DRUGS.
I had someone pose the question “can love save your soul?” This individual doubted it could. Tough one, right?

First you have to define a soul. Bluesman Johnny Shines, when asked about Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil and that whole kerfuffle, posed this “show me your soul. If you cannot show me your soul how you gonna do anything bout selling it?” (I am paraphrasing here but I think I got the gist of it.) Metaphysics aside, I would define the soul as our very essence, a “how you doing?” meter. It is not just happiness or a measure of it but the mark of our vitality, that life is indeed not only coursing through our bodies but that we are experiencing something. That is my loose, personal definition, at least the one I will use for this exercise.

Earlier in the day I happened upon some folks who I was pretty sure were abusing drugs or should I say being abused by drugs. I will not be too specific but I can rightly say that drugs abuse people who chose to use them, eventually. They seemed hollow and not in a good place, they seemed as though they had forfeited their soul. There are many conditions which I could say are psychically damaging to ones soul, depression, pain, grief, but most of the times these are not voluntary. To voluntarily forfeit ones self over to drugs is truly selling ones vitality, eventually. You are not selling it but compromising it to the point that it eventually surrenders or goes into hiding. So basically you receive no benefit.

Again, metaphysics aside, to love someone or something and allow that love to speed you through this life is to feel your soul reverberating from within. Some will call it simple happiness and they may be right. I would argue that if the soul, as I define it, is an aura and a measurement of ones psychic vitality, I am not talking about fortune tellers or crystal balls here, then I would say it is more than that.

Music is a great, if not the greatest, diviner of the soul. It calms the beast and brings people to dance. It allows us to escape our everyday, vapid, mundane existence at times, even for the length of a song. It can become ecstatic when performed live and it can foment revolution in many ways, external and personally internal.

A silicon valley scientist was pondering the possibility of the replacement of musicians one day, directly saying that in the future music would be programmed and created by AI devices and the need for musicians would be superfluous. Not to extrapolate on that specific point but to carry it a step further it spurns me to ask “Is the creation end of that device, now generic and binary and no longer human, capable of arousing the soul?” and if so is the other end really as human as we thought it was?

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