Chairs, connectors, and turning something into something different

Just watched a riveting story on CNN in between brushing my teeth and getting a bottle of water. I hit replay on the DVR and it instantly struck me. The basic story is small company in Pennsylvania makes lightweight chairs for the US military, makes good through government contracts,government contracts dry up, and company is faced with big sales gaps and closure. Then a salesperson makes a small sale and in frustration slams down the phone. Someone asks “who was that?” and the salesperson responds “Georgio Armani or somebody.”

It was then the chair maker learned that art and fashion people were in love with their product, where before their goal of lightweight chair lent itself to clean lines and smart design caught the eye of someone in the art and or fashion industry. Enter a new phase where now the company is doing great and expanding not only its designs but its international demand. Wow!

But that is not what intrigued me. What intrigued me was this: how the heck did they go from where they were to filling an order to Georgio Armani? I bet the farm it happened something like this.

Some smart person, who is a connector, saw the chairs, liked them, and then bought them. Because they have good taste and or their taste is considered refined or hip by others someone else went out and bought them and it caused a chain reaction that resulted in Georgio Armani buying their product.

This goes right to the heart of connecting and how small things can become big things. It was a tipping point, inadvertent maybe, but a tipping point nonetheless. We all need this to occur or should at least aim for it to. Even if it comes up short you are most likely to be much further down the road than you thought you would be.

Apply this to anything. I use music in this blog because it is something I and others can relate to. But it can be anything really, but let’s stick to music. The more serious you are about making good music, this is the reason the chair worked because it was a good product to begin with it just needed to be redefined, the more you need to evaluate how you are presenting yourself, who you want to present yourself to, and how is this done effectively and expediently. That is a great deal in and of itself but that most assuredly has to be your starting point. Identify your goal(s), target them at something, and then reap the rewards once you unleash them (it) on the world.

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