Moving on, and on, and on ad infinitum

Bob Lefsetz says it much better, as usual here
But here are my thoughts
We are moving forward and faster and faster. No one knows where it is all going but it is going and fast.
As an Independent artist you need to get your music out there, do a video, push, push, push. The old models stopped working years ago and people only clung to them because they were all they knew. Probably much like the yeoman farmer clung to his way of life until the dust bowl blew him away and onto the highways and by ways of America to learn a new way during the depression. The old music industry, whatever that means these days or whatever it was supposed to mean, is dead or pointless.
People cling to old ways or what they think the status quo is because it gives them comfort. We have to let go. Or more importantly you have to let go in order to fall into the unknown.
Remember, if you are old enough, when you watched something on television and the background music or arrangement was god awful and you thought “yikes that is terrible” and wondered how this or that got placed. That was the old way of doing and chances are the producer owed someone a favor or it was a relative or any of the old rules that applied to the old ways of doing. There is not room for that anymore or better yet there is “too much” room for that to work anymore. There is no television, the rabbit is out of the box, and instead of being fast he is a hybrid alien rabbit with alien engineered superior DNA and will never be caught. The trick my friend is not to be in the past but the now and be the rabbit.

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