Hey New Artists: Don’t ever, never, ever do this

Noticed this on FB. A person posts on a known music reviewer’s wall “Hey go over to my site and take a listen to my tunes and review them.”
OK here is where this falls apart for you, budding, talented,musician type artist person. Once a person makes themselves known as a reviewer and is published in some way (press, internet, radio, TV, or all of them) they are inundated with mailings and packages. I know many reviewers well enough they have let me in their house and it is like the back room of the post office with CD’s and press kits stacked all over the place. I often wonder if this is the real scam on their part to get all the free music they could ever hope to listen too. This is of course is a joke and anyone who has ever reviewed my stuff: know that I am only joking and my new album will be in that stack soon so give it a chance ok, ok, please.
But seriously they are busy people with a great deal of music to listen to and then not only just listen but professionally respond to. Also they are what is referred to as a filter. Does being reviewed by someone help sales? Maybe, maybe not. Does it add legitimacy to your efforts? It don’t hurt.
By them being a filter I mean to say that they have been noted for their opinion on music and their dedication to it. So here is the quick and the dirty: If you want to be reviewed or someone to listen to your music, don’t ever, never, ever send them a post on their FB wall, an email, or some other form of electronic means instructing them to “hey go over to my site and check out my tunes.” People in the music world want to see that you at least took the time to apply some sort of effort to not only your sound but that you care enough to send it in correctly.
Some might prefer it in a digital format so it might be appropriate to send an email stating “hey I can send you a CD but if you want to download it you can (insert whatever means here).”
Most, I have found, still want the disc and the press kit. I long for the days when I can just post it somewhere and everyone just go get it but they are not here yet for all reviews and radio.
So remember this when you decide you want to start trying to get reviews for the album you worked so hard making. Or you can forget I even mentioned it and keep sending those annoying messages to people who are not going to take you seriously while I go make my trip to the post office and try to get my music out there. It is your call.
Best of luck to you!

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