A Possible Analogy for Songwriters

If you are a songwriter you are a Boiling Pot.
A distillery of sorts.
What I am pointing to is this. The more things you throw into the pot, the more you let things simmer, and boil down the more potent they are likely to be.
With that said getting out there in the world, experiencing the world, reading anything you can get your hands on, listening to a varied amount of sounds, and exposing yourself to as much as possible you will fill an arsenal worth of material. These are not just reference points or just things to jot down in your notebook or journal, you do keep one of these right? But they also do something else. Something I think is missing in a great deal of what I hear out there.
A friend told me once, one who I consider a consummate creator, one of the best I can think of, that he did not feel like approaching a certain point in his music until he “had some bark” on him.
Go out and get some bark on you.
People can hear it.

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