Just because everyone hears about it does not mean they will listen

I will restate the title of this to make my point more clear: Just because everyone hears about it does not mean they will listen. Remember this starting out.
While you are using your Twitter Blackbird app and endlessly tweeting, updating your facebook, and all the other extraneous things you find yourself doing to “get your music out there” remember that just because a tree falls in the forest and everyone is watching does not mean that anyone will note that it fell.
What do I mean?
Make it about quality first. Make your music about you and how you feel and what strikes your fancy. Do not get caught up in the game of trying to sound like anyone else or write “this type” of song. No one is making any money anyway right now so even if this was part of the paradigm, which it is not, it still would not matter. Great art is why you attempt to make great art, for the sake of it. If you are doing it for any other reason quit jerking around and go deliver pizzas, go to graduate school, start a business, or something else entirely other than cluttering up the musical airwaves with your attempt at being someone you are not.
With that said realize that if you were given the opportunity to share the unique experience of you, what your time here on earth has been, your pain, your happiness, your joy, your sadness,which are some of the elements that go into making great art, make darn sure that you are putting the real deal out there. Don’t be the tree falling and no one even taking the time to notice. Here is why.
I can think of no bigger media kerfuffle in the last 5 years than Charlie Sheen. No more attention has been paid to one subject, in my opinion, baring major disaster or war, than has been paid to this human explosion or implosion, depending on how you are looking at it. So what happens when Charlie Sheen tries to tour his human circus of self-destruction? No one really cares. It fails and fails miserably. There are many reasons you could point to but they don’t matter. What matters is the one key one: Charlie, the tree fell and everyone was watching and no one cared when he tried to capitalize on it. Why? There was no substance to it. Had Charlie had something to offer the world with all that attention being focused on him like a laser then it might have been different.
What does this mean to you? You are never going to have that much attention lauded on you. So what little bit you get make the best of it by not letting those pay attention go away without feeling like they did not waste their time experiencing you.
One person at a time. In groups, better, but ultimately it is one person at a time.

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