Songwriting and Music Making

When you go to your writer place and begin think about this sometimes.
Always ask yourself “am I feeling this song” that you are writing. Is it coming to you quickly? How does it make you feel? Is it compelling, forget others, to you even?
I have written some good songs. Am I famous? no. Do I want to be? Not sure. Would I like everyone in the world possible to listen to my music? Oh yes. Oh yes again.
But the songs I release are the ones that compelled me to release them. For everyone of them there are at least three or four stinker or half starts that I abandoned because I just did not think they were going anywhere. I abandoned them in favor of moving on to something that poured out of me. It does not mean that I might not return to them at a later date, but always the things that strike me fist are the ones that stick around. Am I the best judge of song quality? No. Am I the best judge of my song quality? You better believe it.
So when you start putting your music out make sure that when people listen they feel it. Don’t waste time putting out something you are not feeling committed to. I am not saying “don’t take chances” I am saying “make sure you are confident in the material.” The “chance taking” part of the equation always involves how others will perceive the chance you are taking with your art and they really don’t matter. If you put out an honest representation of you, all your skill, all your passion, then you have no one else to answer to but the person you watch brush their teeth every morning, assuming you brush your teeth every morning, which I hope you do.

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