Thinking about Socrates

Read a small blurb about Socrates in the new issue of Smithsonian. (great magazine by the way: nerd much?) There is a new bio about the man and it goes into great detail about how the writer summoned the spirit of Socrates by visiting the places he would have lived and even going to the links of grounding up hemlock in a bowl in her kitchen. Gosh I hope she threw that bowl away.
What struck me about this article and got my mind to rambling is the stickiness of Socrates. He helped foster and arguably pioneered western thought. His influence is with us and around us everyday. What also struck me is that apparently Socrates was not afraid to be himself. Throughout history the world is bent and shaped by people who were unyielding in their beliefs or just their ability to be themselves. It is a chore for some but in this game of playing music you cannot be anything but that,if you want to be noticed. If you plan on your shtick being a relative copy of some other artist then prepare to be relegated to that distinction.
Be yourself. Figure out how you sound. Work through it and build off your failures. Many failures or half tries will be in the making but there will be that diamond crushed into existence by the constant pressure of you searching for you. Once you find it put it in your pocket for safe keeping. And always: Go practice your guitar.

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