What in the _____ ?????????

OK I do not like or dislike modern country nor I do particularly like or dislike most of the things thrust before me, provided it sounds like what it is advertised as. I do watch the Academy of Country Music Awards every now and then to see who can put on a show and who really separates themselves as a flame bearer of “country sounding” music and not the “other-be’s”, I would say wanna-bes but now it is just not them it is everyone and their mother trying to cram their way into the country music genre. Ryan Seacrest can call it what he wants as the hit man for the suits but it is no victory for American music. It is not a victory when you shove a bunch of artists onto the same stage and create an excuse for exposure because the other genre’s just aren’t selling.
I will not name names because it was not the artist’s faults they are just meeting the obligations of their contracts and their fan bast that supports them, which really needs to be appreciated here. Country Music is getting this influx of genre mixing monster mash because they are the only genre left with a solidified fanbase, at least for now. But just as the record companies refused to move quickly and stuck to their old system which was not beneficial to the fan they are about to lose this one as well. Mark my words. Country music fans are loyal to country artists and will stop listening to this confusing mess. If I go to a movie expecting to laugh and in the first scene a head explodes without comedic effect I am going to ask for my money back and so will country fans if you keep trying to pass all the other bargain bin artists on to them because the record company destroyed their fan bases.

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