Drum Sounds and the key ingredients

There are many ways to make great music. You can be an acoustic artist, solo on your guitar, a duo with any instrumentation, or a full band, the options are limited to only your creativity and imagination, which, for many can be unbounded. Should you decide to include drums in this equation here are some things to remember:
1) Drum Sounds are the key to great music.
2) Great drummers are hard to find
3) Either find a great drummer or be prepared to work with someone until they become great.
4) Always try to capture the best drum sound when recording. It is the literal pulse of your songs.
5) Refer to #1 when all else fails
I have had the privilege to perform and record with some really great drummers. There is no beating it. And when I use the term great drummer I am not talking about someone who is a show off. This does not mean that they could not show off but at their essence, their very fiber, was “the beat.” And to play with these individuals is to have more than half the work done for you. Great drummers drive you.

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