Sound Cloud and Media Fire: A place to give your music a distribution point

I have been fretting on how to deliver my songs to bloggers and get it to them in an easy fashion. I have tried two solutions. Both these features allow you to load your tunes up and others can listen to them and, if you chose, download them. This comes in handy for promotion to bloggers and online music writers. The goal should be to push your music out there to as many people who will listen. If it is good, and we shall see with this new effort, it should stick with some people and thus your music gets written about. This is a good way to get it out there to the masses who you want to listen. Below is my critique of two services I have tried. In no way are these even close to comprehensive and of course there are other ways to put the tunes out there but these are two I feel comfortable writing about.
This is free service that you can upload your songs, album art, pictures, etc. and then send a link out to others. They can download them and give them a listen and a look. I would warn about the free service. I did a test group of some of my closest people I trust with my tunes and I got the response back that there were just too many pop-up ads and after a while the password protect I had given each song stopped working. I went back to the site, bought in at the $9 entry-level and all these troubles disappeared for the users I sent to this site and they said the process was then seamless. So if you are going to do this I suggest spending the $9 and going that route.

The next offering I really like. It is free and of course you can add more songs at a price but at the free level you can have over 100 minutes of music for your users to listen to, which should be more than adequate for an album of material. I did not notice if you could load a virtual press kit (i.e. files of the album and bio) but you do load a photo and can paste this info directly to each song and on your general profile so this kind of covers this matter. I like the look of Sound Cloud as looks a bit more generic where Sound Cloud looks more aesthetically pleasing which is a good doorway for you and your tunes as people are leery, sometimes, of something that looks antiquated. Just a thought. I recommend both but if you cannot float the $9 then go with Sound Cloud. One reviewer and I am sure there are more accepts songs right there at the site, which is a no-brainer really.
Sound Cloud
Check them both out as a way to distribute your tunes to people in the know.

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