The Trachtenburg Family:This is what I am talking about

Pure Genius

This a group that calls themselves “indie vaudeville” and conceptual art. They have harvested slides from yard sales, flea markets, thrift shops, etc. and use them as a backdrop to their musical performances and “turn the lives of annonymous [sic] strangers into pop-rock musical expos[é]s based on the contents of these slide collections”.
Why is this brilliant?
Because it is so darn original. I have heard a little bit of their music and to be honest it is kind of in that quirky “anti folk” mode, to me, of say the Moldy Peaches, which I can take or leave. But what is spectacular is that their approach, artistically, really made me want to know more about this group.
Which leads me to most of my conclusions: You have to have something going for you that draws people into the music. It cannot just be about the music. I wish it was but this is a shining example of something that catches your interest and makes you look deeper into it. The percentages, if you want to break them down like that, can go something like this: get the attention of 1000 people and probably 100 will take the time to listen. If you are putting out really good music then 10 of those, or maybe more but I think 10 is safe, will dig enough to listen more. Sadly it is a numbers game so what does that tell you?
Play it well.

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