Traditional Print Media in the Digital Age? To push or not to push

As an independent musician myself I have come to wonder if a person, wanting to promote their music, can ignore traditional media alone. This is more of a question of my own than a blog about what I know or think I do. I did a Google Trend search of artists I knew that were making some type of impact and was surprised at some of the things I noticed. I will not name any of them because this process is easily conducted by anyone to see what results.
What I noticed first is that you need a great deal of volume to generate any results for Google Trends. Artists that I assumed were going to make a mark on Google Trends made not even a blip. Apparently you have to be driving some serious traffic through the information tube to make your mark in this way.
What does this mean to an artist and should they be discouraged?
I think too much discouragement is uncalled for as many I searched are making fine livings making music.
The artists I searched that were slamming activity on Google Trends had an interesting caveat attached to their activity. What was it? Traditional press coverage articles which are marked at where their activity trends and peeks at times. What does this tell me?
First the searches I did trend back to 2004-2005. So that is 6-7 years removed from today, so granted electronic media was just getting rolling and a blogger was still not full-grown then, I estimate probably in its early teen years then.
But the attachment, even now, is still there with traditional media. So what does an up and comer need to do?
I think that to abandon the traditional routes in favor of a total push over the internet might be a good idea but the TM (Traditional Media) still holds the keys to the kingdom for the next level above Indie Artist.
Anyone out there tell me what you think. I would be glad to hear your views.

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