Knee Deep in Mail Out

I am knee-deep in an album mail out to DJ’s appropriate to what I am doing. First, to those who will engage in this in the future, be prepared to be able to organize, collate, and keep track of contacts. These are deep waters once this adventure begins so be prepared to swim. A point to those who have taken the time to write music, properly record this music, mix it, master it, and have several hundred copies professionally done: you are only half way home. That’s right. The real fun has just begun and when I say fun it has to be fun in some way or the point of putting out your music, which if you just want a vanity piece to give to all your friends that is fine, having people hear it.
Best of luck to all you folks out there slogging through it, keep it up, it is the way of doing!
More on some new alternatives I have learned later.
Now go practice your guitar and…
lick those envelopes! YUCK!

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