Everything I learned I learned from releasing an album

I am a snarky at times, well, a lot of times so the title of this blog is me slipping into snarkiness. I learn many things from many people and experiences but one such experience is the release of an album and doing some of the promotion yourself. This is geared towards anyone who has this ambition.
Mailing out CD’s. Oh joy oh joy. First I like people to hear my music. I love making it and I want people to listen, I am also blessed because there are a decent amount of folks out there who have dug and dig,now with Bob Bogdal, what I do. So I have a large amount of parcels to Ship and Handle. (I totally understand the term and its meaning now.)
I have a pretty decent system which has worked since my first album. But it still involves a great deal of folding, stuffing, adhering, and taping. But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. At least I know it is being done with care and by someone who gives a rat’s $$$ because I am the one who has taken the time to release the work.
I am looking forward to the next release because I am going to focus more on strictly doing it electronically and paperless as possible. That release might be a tester, almost like a first album all over again, but you have to look at it like that.
**Note to anyone who is thinking of releasing a CD.
My creative writing teachers and the visiting writers in residence used to tell us “write your first novel and get it out of your way.” I did not understand it then but the same applies to releasing anything art wise and I am sure pretty much anything else you can think of which requires your focus and attention in order to accomplish. Get it out-of-the-way, the first one. You learn so much from the doing. I think that is why Seth Godin is so successful and dead on correct many times when he just tells people to “do things” instead of planning them. You do indeed learn from your mistakes.
**Note about mistakes
Depending on your financial lay out I would encourage everyone to make your mistakes calculated, in other words ones you can afford to make. Many of the things you can experiment and try are free anyway but if your experiment is to by a big chunk of print media advertising then you might want to crunch your numbers. Just a thought

I have been a busy boy over the last 2 weeks but I am back to where I can breathe so I will be carrying you along with me on my journey through the release of an album. Lucky you! See there I go being snarky again.

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