“I wish I had a record player” YES!

I talk a great deal about music, think about music, and most of all love listening to real music. It is becoming surprising to me when I get involved in talking about music with kids I always learn so much. I am blessed to have an opportunity to experience music, that is in fact what we do when we listen to music: experience it, with kids. I am simply blown away by the taste of young folks. For example, a great deal of music calling itself rock music set beside, now classic things HAH, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam seems really staid and small, most of it and by golly they notice.
And then this explodes into discussions about who influenced these folks and those that influenced those folks, the six degrees of Muddy Waters, etc., etc. And then in the middle of all this a young man, no more than 13 said out of the blue, in the middle of one of these discussions, “I wish I had a record player.”
there is hope!

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