Move forward

In the spirit of Seth Godin it is all about doing something. Many of us get lost in planning and never reach beyond that. We plan to do this or plan to get this done if these certain parameters are met and the stars align in this manner. Inner statements like “if I just had more of this” or “if I could have this much money, talent, etc” I would accomplish (insert your dreams here). One thing about life is to ask yourself this one question: when was the last time the earth stopped moving on its axis? Of course never.
Waiting until everything is just so will only accomplish one thing: you will most likely never get around to doing what you really want to.
You are going to bang things up, make mistakes, and leave marks but these are merely character builders for the ultimate spectaculars you are going to create and/or achieve.
Another thing to consider is that if you are spending all your time “planning” and not doing you might want to stop calling it “planning” and start simply say you are day dreaming. It saves time and worry.


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