Ruptured by the Rapture

Those left over or behind from the rapture need to look at what that fiasco did. I first will stay away from ethical or moral comment,only to say “good one you got us or them.”
But there is definitely something worth looking at. Harold Camping, the originator of the hoax, received, reportedly 70 million in donations, a large cache of money, though possibly with questionable scrupulosity if not down right hucksterism. But when someone says “stick out” or “make a scene” by all means this man was not scared to do just that. I am not saying to create outright lies but look at what a fervor it created.
I say take the energy of this event, hone it down with a good dose of honesty and passion, and throw it out there in some kind of way.
It won’t hurt and you are not going to do it any younger.


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