Be Promiscuous with Your Art

Interesting point in the Seth Godin book Poking the Box, several interesting points actually, but he points out an analogy someone used for creating something. He likened the shipping of something, and when I say shipping this can be anything that starts with the genesis of an idea and is followed through with until it is put out there, anything, to a dandelion. Think of a dandelion and all those seed pods spewing from it. You remember blowing them as a kid and all of them going everywhere. Well most, if not 99%, never make it past some crevice and then lie there dormant and never produce another dandelion. But every year dandelions are everywhere.
He uses this term “be promiscuous in your failures.” That is the best part. Put whatever it is out there and keep doing so! Sure you are going to fail. Learn from the failure, study it, don’t dwell on it, and get back at it. Best thing I read all day.

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