All the wrong reasons, Only one right one.

So you want to make music? Let me tell you something. It don’t cost you a dime. Want to become some kind of rock star? Good luck with that. Want to see a modest income and keep out of the straight world? Could be done. But get it straight right from jump street, and I do not mean the 80’s TV show. This “ain’t no childish stuff” or in the words of Sonhouse this ain’t no “monkey junk.”
It requires hard work and time. It requires you to be misunderstood by about 98 or 99% of the population because first what you are attempting is ludicrous and what you are doing is rare, that is being able to play music.
Here is the rub. You have to ask yourself this question: What is most important? In your daily grind of Tweeting and FB’ing and Tumbling and whatever new gimmick the techies are thinking up to control the world with are you putting back into the offering plate at the holy church of ROck N Roll, because if you do not tithe at this church the gods will most undoubtedly frown on you!
It is a hard balance but at the end of the day when all else is dripped away you have to make compelling music, with all your passion, care and artistry. That is the cover charge at the door. And by god you gotta love doing that piece of the work and learn to at least tolerate the other. I do the other work because it lets me get to do two things I love in life. One is perform in front of a crowd of people with a group of people I love making music with and love as kindred spirits and brothers. Two is it lets me get in a studio, same group of people, for hours and “art” which means to take these sounds in my head which possess me like demons and get them out where the rest of you have to hear them, hahahah. Crazy sounding right? I love it! It is probably the closest to a Zen experience I will ever know. Total focus, all else is silliness. That is what I was put here to do.
My time on this earth will be spent making music.
Those are my reasons.
But really it is one: I love making music!
What the heck is yours?


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