Eddie Vedder was on TV!!! Eddie Vedder was on my television…did I mention Eddie Vedder was on the TV

Yes Eddie Vedder was on TV strumming a 4 string guitar and man I felt the usual thing I felt. A kinship with him when he does his art. What is that exactly. It is like “Yeah Eddie I am with you man.” He looked his usual un-shaven slouchy dressed self, my fashion cue for most of the 90s, and there were no visible marks of a surgeons hands. Eddie keeps it real folks and let’s just face it. You are witnessing, with or W/O 4 string guitar, one of the last ones: a real life rock star.
Why? What do I mean?
There are others and yes some are out there now but not at the regularity they used to be, or at least they are not noticed in the constant sludge of suck and glitter and sheen and plastic and collagen.
Before me that night was what made a rock star, scruffy shoes and all, and what was that? Pure unadulterated passion, great vocal, and a genuine care for his art. When Eddie does it I do not feel like I am getting ripped off. Of course this should not be surprising from someone who was willing to sacrifice his career as a million dollar rock star to fight the system in favor of the fans, his fans, when we did not know an internet from a VCR.
See the fans remember.
Here is proof
When Eddie Vedder and company took on Ticker Master, the only game in town, I thought then “THERE ARE OUR CHAMPIONS.” For the uninitiated you did not take on Ticker Master in the 90’s because they controlled everything in the live world. Imagine being a software company taking on Microsoft? Get the picture. Pearl Jam did they took that s*&^ to Washington. And you know what
Music aside (which is stellar, always)
I have been in their corner ever since.
Thank you Eddie Vedder for being your bad a#$ self!

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