Quit being a Rock N Roller!?

My Title/Question has the same intent that the title of article I am referencing below has: to get your attention. Hope it worked

Check out the article

The author Scott Austin has released a book called Quit Rock and provides an excerpt here for those who might be interested in the subject and hopefully his book.
And man is he dead on correct about the subject. He is not telling people to quit, quite the opposite, and he opines in the same spirit that I often do on this digital screed. I think you should read this, heck it made me want to read the whole thing, but I get the feeling that he is not going to tell me anything I already do not know, though I suspect he will highlight and give me some needed pointers I might be missing. Besides he is a good writer. Basically, to summarize, he tells you what I always would tell you: get off your arse and get to it. Get busy doing and stop looking for the label to make your career cause it is not going to happen. A label is probably, strike that most likely, strike again, is not going to really be an option to you.
He extols the ethos of hard work and making the best of what you have. He tells you to be an innovator in an unstable world and be a trail maker instead of looking for those blazed by others. Are you out of breath yet?
Does that make you want to quit? I darn hope so. It leaves more room for the rest of us willing to do the hard work and still make a legitimate go of it.
Get a dose of reality folks. This guy hits it out of the park for honesty and down right in your face “hello time to stop whining and wake up.” Fortunately for him he does it in a much more equitable fashion than I do, but of course I am not trying to sell a book so I can see why he want to tone it down a bit.
Keep on with the keeping on Scott Austin!

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