God Bless You Bobby Hebb

Bobby Hebb is an example of taking total misery and turning from it, or into it depending on how you look at it, and creating great art. His song “Sunny” is a timeless classic and like all great songs holds up under the scrutiny and wear of time. It is also very important to consider that Bobby Hebb wrote this song a day after president Kennedy was assassinated and his brother was killed. Taken in that light the song is just amazing.
I got to meet Bobby Hebb once, a friend introduced us, and to be honest I was not aware of him. I am now and he is sadly gone. But his song stays with us.Sunny by Bobby Hebb
I would check this one out just for its sheer beauty. This man was yet another great songwriter and soul musician from Nashville.
Thanks to you Mr. Hebb for some great art!


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