Derek Sivers new book: Anything You Want

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Ok I have managed to knock out half of it and it lives up to the reviews I have read. Derek does not waste words thus he does not waste your time, which is almost, or partially, the subtext of this book or at least the tone it evokes: Time is of the essence.
I have read 4 other books in this vein which is basically: Get off your rear end and do something about your condition, if that condition is not suitable to your future existence.
This is never a bad thing and it is interesting that the authors I have read hit on this thread and the end of the day reality is: IT IS TRUE.
If we are fumbling about or malingering in anything that is not suitable and does not provide us monetary, mental, and most importantly, emotional sustenance it is time to change things up and move into a different direction.
This is not pie in the sky stuff either. He is to the point and bold in his assertions and if you read his dossier the man is not lying. This is not self help it is essential action.
I will post more reflections and opinions as I read further but I suggest you get this book, read it, and do something about it, unless of course you are perfectly content where you are in your life, which if this is the case I can wish you nothing but continued happiness and success. But I also bet you put some of these practices into play to be where you are.
Elam McKnight

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