What makes a good Rock Show?

I think back to when I was a concert goer, the only shows I can really have time to go to anymore are my own, I used to love to go to shows. I can think of the elements that made it for me.
1) A tight band who got on stage and did not muck about. They got right down to business and kicked you right in the cerebral ding ding with the power of their music.
2) I used to go to a venue called 328 Performance Hall in Nashville, ahhhhhh how I miss you 328, and it was a great place to see a show, but alas it was torn down. BLAH! But there you had direct access to the bands and I cannot tell you how many great bands I got to see and actually talk to. Blind Melon, Counting Crows, and a band everyone should still know about the Screamin Cheetah Wheelies. Those bands, even in the days when there was still rock excess, had a direct link to their fans. How refreshing.
3) No filler! Live music was a hot commodity so if an act was on stage they were there for a reason: They could ROCK

I would be interested in other people’s views on the factors that go into making a great rock experience.
Comment on here and let me know the things that make you want to go to a show and what makes the experience special to you.
Now get out there and do something to-day!

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