the IPOD monologue

Ok I love my Ipod. At least since I found it after it spending about 2 years sitting in a box post move.
But here is the kicker. I have swapped out computers to a point that it is not worthy of your time for me to explain the incidents and count, let’s just say it is a great deal.
Nonetheless I still had the IPod filled with 500 or so songs but no way to add anymore without dumping all those and ripping CD’s and then I did some digging on the internet.
There is software that will solve just about any problem and I went to my favorite haunt
or (same site really) and found just what the doctor ordered.
There is a free ware program called Pod to PC and I suggest it to anyone who is or was in my predicament.
You DL the software, plug in the device, and then it will allow you to transfer your tunes directly into Itunes. Because this was freeware it only allowed 10 songs at a time but I just check marked all of them and waited for the one minute window to expire and then ripped them 10 at a time. It was a bit time consuming but I got all of them switched. Then I just reset my Ipod to its factory setting and uploaded the songs I had and the new ones I had ripped from CD(no I do not grab free music from the internet and I can tell you why you should not).
This was very handy. There are other choices out there and I went with this one simply because I was in the middle of the whole procedure and did not want to change horses mid stream. 2 others I found were called IPod Magic and IDump. IDump appeared to be able to avoid the 10 song minimum and let you rip them from the Ipod all at once but I did not have time to try but there was no need once I was done.
So anyone out there that runs into this issue there are some choice fixes. Now I can rock out to RL Burnside from my old playlist and still groove out to Jet and Citizen Cope from the stuff I ripped from disc and sports fans it don’t get any better than that!
Elam McKnight

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