The Power of Indifference

I have been trying to get back in a walking routine, 2-4 miles, because I need to exercise and it does wonders for the mind. During these walks I inevitably have an idea pop in my head and I formulate it while walking and if it is sticky enough by the time I get home, shower, and get back online I jot it down in some form. So here you go:
Indifference seems like a weak word or powerless when uttered to myself on first inspection. But in reality it is very powerful when thought of in a different light. Stick with me because when I say formulate an idea I am sometimes half cocked.
We attend to what we chose to attend to and give it the power we chose thus adding to it in some way, whatever that might be. Take the Salem Witch Hunt for example. If people in Salem, Mass and the surrounding communities had been indifferent to the accusations levied against people there would have not been all that suffering. If they had simply said or thought “ahhhh whatever” and moved on no Salem witch-hunt and scores of persecutions occurs. If Hitler had went off like a dud at first then indifference would have belittled him into maybe taking another stab at art school in Vienna, which I am told is a lovely town handmade just for artist types.
It takes people to get in a tiff to cause things to tip.
But let’s examine that from the angle of a personal level. If something is going to bother you and get in your way emotional, mentally, or in other forms why attend to it? You will most likely be preventing your own internal witch-hunt or inner holocaust by simply reacting to it with indifference.And no I am not saying walk through the world like a complete cynical moron who who connects with nothing or anyone.

What I mean is that by not lending energy to things that are of no use or good to use we diffuse them, thus by never attending our energies to them these energies can be focused on something that would benefit us or bring us joy. This could be said for your problems and the world’s at large.
It is said to take it easy on everyone for everyone is going through a great struggle. Do not forget that you yourself have to be included in the everyone.
Elam McKnight

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