Netflix drops a bomb! Why can’t some small grenades get traction?

Ok Netflix stuck it to the little man today and no one was surprised, at least not me. My only question is where is their competition? It seems that there is no clear second place in this race but I do not stream Netflix and spend most of my time watching Nick jr. (yeah I gotta kid good guess).

With this issue running through my mind hole it spurns me on past the obvious Bob Lefsetz whipping boy, the music industry not following suit with the movie industry, and onto something else his level-headed self brought up. Concert food sucks and it is expensive.
Which led to other thoughts bubbling up in the old brain crevice.

Why don’t a large group of like-minded musicians, similar genre but not carbon copy-like, form a coalition with some upstart gourmet food wagoners (the hot new trend in foodies eatery fair) and some hard-working and hungry (not as much for the gourmet food but the action) promoters, publicists, internet spot-lighters, find a venue, and then film it for the world to see? And go “Man I’d like to go to that festival.” This coalition of musicians would then form a subscription based service, you cannot really subscribe food but no one is stopping you, that is reasonable and use the event to cross promote this service. Make it a hundred song entry level. You got 100 songs you are in, provided you don’t suck.
100 times 100 equals 10,000 songs. Would someone pay $5,$10 a month for this access? Don’t know. Maybe. But this would make a hell of a lot more sense than the current system where fans have to lurk through 1,000,000,000,000 songs to find a few gems. Make it interesting and offer album specials. I am thinking on the hoof here.
But back to the event.
I am sure this is being done on some levels (Deep Blues Festival comes to mind and the Muddy Roots Festival) but I mean a full on thing kind of like the Horde Festival. Do it for the fans. If people leave and have experienced good food, good drink, and great music then they will spread the world. In our age of CO-OP and “let’s get it together” I think this might just fly. But it has to be genuine and about the fan. The tickets have to be reasonable. Merch has to be easily had and not a freaking rip off and the profits shared equally.
I know some people are doing this in some ways but I mean full on do a festival that is all about the fans who inevitably are your customers.
Don’t be Netflix who obviously once the worm had turned in their favor, or when they “made” the worm turn in their favor, stuck it straight to their fans or customers.
Be a reasonably sized festival with all the amenities: food, merch, safety, and music to spare.
If you are going to be a shotgun BE A DOUBLE BARRELL!
Just thinking aloud.
Elam McKnight

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