The old bridge has fallen through and a new one is being built

You come to a fork a in the road? Take it
That is what Yogi Berra would say and I love him for it. But seriously if you came to a fork in the road and you usually turn right and go over a bridge a mile or two down the road what do you do one day when there is a sign that says: Bridge out turn around and go back? Let’s say you keep driving and more signs, same message: Bridge out ahead, but this time in really big letters and there are flashing lights even, what do you do? Let’s say you drive all the way to the bridge and sure enough, it is out. Big surprise.
You stop and ask “what is the deal with the bridge” and a guy, of course the imaginary one crucial to this story, says “Didn’t you get the word on all those signs you been driving by for all these months that told you they were tearing this bridge down?” You of course say “Ahhhh I thought they were joking” or worse “this is the only way I know to get back home.” The guy tells you that there is this really windy path to a much older bridge that kind of works but it too will be destroyed as soon as the new bridge is complete and he assures you that it is being built down that other fork in the road as you both speak.
That is the music industry right now in a nutshell.
Do you keep taking this route, the one that does not work? Do you do that the next day? Or do you wake up the next day, quit your job and get a new, as what?
A bridge builder.
Get to building or never get home.
Elam McKnight

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