Some People to stay away from (continued part 2)

I could have probably entitled this “the stuff you gotta watch for.” But here we go from the earlier post on Some People to stay away from:

3. The “When I get this done then…” types. These are the folks that are always “getting to something as soon as” people. They are going to start that album or finish booking those gigs or whatever else they are always talking about doing but never actually doing. Whoa unto thee who gets entangled in their web because if you are tangled deeply enough not only will you never accomplish any of the things they are constantly talking about doing you will also never get anything done you want to do. Don’t be around these people.
4. Party like it is Dec. 20th 2012 type (or whenever it is the world is supposed to end)types. Ok everyone likes to cut loose every now and then. Buuuuut you cannot do it all the time and get anything accomplished. Being celebratory and abusive to oneself are two different animals. Tread lightly around these folks.
5. Drug addicts. Never associate with these folks. If they need help try to help but if it becomes dangerous to your life cut them loose. An addict will not get better until they want to. Always be their friend if you are friends but do not let their addiction enter into your life. I could give you a myriad of reasons but just take my word on this one.
6. Liars. Obvious.
7. Just kind of there types. These are the people who are just kind of drifting around, not really motivated to do much of anything. The problem with them is they, on the surface and if you pay them no mind, are harmless. But people have stickiness and those just drifting along could have you just drifting along,not where you want to be if you are trying to accomplish something.
8. Poopie pants types. They are constantly complaining, blaming others for their own failures, and basically acting like a child who has pooped their pants. My father once shared this nugget “you are never a failure until you start blaming others for your mistakes.” Nuff said.
9. Multiple project guy who can’t stick with one thing type. OK this can get confused with another positive type (which I will discuss next). There are actual people who can juggle many projects and tasks, they are what the world calls professionals, they are highly driven, self starters, and in constant demand. The person I am referring to is the one who is doing things but never sticks to one long enough to ever make a go of it, then starts something else, and then quits it and goes back to the other project or a new one but, magically, never gets anything accomplished. Do not get sucked into this void or you might be playing reggae music one day and then synth pop metal the next week and then a mix of Dub and folk the next, all at the whim of this person who is leading you and themselves around by the nose. Run man run!
10. Those that bring us down types. The Killjoys of the world. Last but not least the people who when you might share something with them they say things like “ahhh yeah well that will never happen” or “I do not see that working out.” Constructive criticism is a great tool (and again I will talk about these types later) but I am talking about those that tear down but never offer a repair or a rebuild idea. These can be acquaintances, friends, and, sadly, family. Can’t really stay away from family so I suggest working that out in a constructive fashion like “just keep your opinions to yourself.” LOL. But these people are either stuck on negative or subconsciously, or maybe even consciously, trying to undermine anyone around them who is doing something. Not sure their motivation but it will never help you. Stay Away.

I could probably extrapolate more and add to this list, and some of these overlap, but these come to mind first. Sadly most of these are conditions which will never remedy themselves hence why I am telling you to stay away or keep them at arm’s length. If you are falling into any of these do some serious introspection, make a plan, and work your way out it. You will be glad you did.

Doing anything in this world requires a constant vigil and daily work. It is like eating an elephant, you do it one bite at a time. Any of the types I have described to you will inevitably get in your way and tear down work or worse yet never allow you to even properly get a good start at something, and because you now have the knowledge I have just shared it will be no one’s fault but your own.

My next blog will be the 100th blog for It will be a good one. So if you have followed me thus far: Kudos to you! And I will make the 100th blog not only a joy to read but something that will benefit just about anyone.
See ya soon!
Elam McKnight

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