“You just Get that out Ya Head Right now”

You have had to have heard this title in a movie. I personally have heard it used by people before. I know many colorful people. I am blessed like that. And I laugh like I am going to hurt myself when I think about the situations which illicit this response. But in all seriousness, if you are going into the music business, are in the music business, or even thinking about going into the music business as an artist this title applies to you if you think the following:
1. Magic Label guy or girl is going to hear your demo, walk in on one of your performances, or see your You Tube video and sign you to a million dollar record contract and the rest is history. Not happening. Jennifer Lopez is a star now because she came up when this was still possible and she worked her rear end (I will leave that alone) off to get there.
No one is going to do this for you anymore. It might have been a possibility, a long shot one back in the day, but now it is pretty much non-existent if not improbable. You just get that our ya head right now!
2. If you record an album it makes you something special. You are special because you try at music, most people give it up, so kudos to you. Buuuuuuuuuuuuttttttt… everyone has a CD. Heck half the kids I know have a 20 disc set of them doing a bunch of horrible rapping and are fully convinced that they are the next, whoever it is this week. The music is merely the cover charge in the club it does not mean that the drinks are free and that later you will be leaving with that special someone.
3. You are going to get played on the radio and BREAK OUT! Radio is not accessible to you and that should be a good thing. Mainstream radio is dominated by corporations who hand pick a selected amount of tracks that are spun on a schedule. Do not ever think that you will get spins in a major market and if you managed to it does not mean what it once did. There are literally thousands of other alternatives that are more accessible to you and where you will reach people who will actually care. With the proliferation of music in the last 10 years (probably longer) but we will use that gauge listeners are the dominate force, it is a BUYER’s MARKET. Find your buyers. The days of major label domination are over. Besides the people who buy that stuff are pretty much lead around by their noses and will do anything they think makes them fit in. These are not lasting fans because they change their taste in the blink of an eye, they are programmed by the man.
4. That with enough money you can sound great! No amount of money can polish a turd. Not to say you are a turd. You have to earn it by working your craft. Write compelling soulful songs. Practice compelling soulful songs until your throat is raspy. Be able to drop those songs live on people like you were dropping a bomb on them at a second’s, no a millisecond’s, notice. Talent is a mere piece of the puzzle, the other pieces are found with persistence, practice, craft, and hard work. Own your art!
Live it if it is what you love.
5. Enough money can make you a star. If that were true then record labels would not be in the trouble they have been in since about 1999. The artist with the most skills: promotional, songwriting, networking, marketing, blogging, etc., etc. is the winner and the beauty is that a great deal of this don’t cost a dime. Maybe a laptop and a WIFI connect. Of course there are people who can help you, like me and shorten that learning curve, but in the end the sweat equity has to be invested by you.

I am stopping here but if you think any of these 5 things or even one of them is true
“You just Get that out Ya Head Right now!”
I am not just being funny.
Elam McKnight

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