Derek Sivers new book Anything You Want is really great

OK Derek Siver’s book Anything You Want is really great. The book is supposed to take an hour to read and I could have easily done so. I, on the other hand, took a week and a half, carefully considering many of his points and let them soak in throughout my day. I will probably go back and re-read it in the allotted hour, but this time I will have a steady grasp on what he is talking about.
Derek is unconventional, which to some people this means quirky, which is something he celebrates and he makes me want to celebrate it too. It would also be easy to say “oh yeah buddy that is not reality based” on some of his assertions but just like Barry Bonds, who I am really not a big fan of unlike Derek Sivers, who I am a big fan of, you cannot argue with his numbers, which are remarkable by anyone’s standards. And “unconventional” is only so to those stuck in 20th century corporate ways of doing things. Derek proved, and explains with succinct candor, that his unconventional approach and guiding principles do work, outstandingly.
His explanations are so common sense based they reassure you that good brings about good when it is executed properly and consistently. What I think I take from this that rings so true with me is you have an individual who “happened upon” an idea, saw that it was working, built it from the ground up without investors, ignored the corporate model of number crunching and squeezing quarters until the eagle on them screams and instead used an old world, mom and pop ethos of simply taking care of people, at all costs. Big surprise, he was a huge success. Sure, and he admits this readily, there were times when his fortune could have exploded even more but at the cost of his base principles from which he was not budging.
I write this not as just a casual reader because I have placed all of my product with Derek when he owned CD Baby and was a customer through the times he describes in the book. So in other words I know from firsthand experience his company lived the things he discusses in the book, always. There was never a time that I called CD Baby and the phone was not answered by someone on the other end more than happy to help assist me.
How refreshing it was to read that in the end he also turned the profits he derived from its sale into a trust which will do things for music education in the future. These will live well on past him, me, and all of us. That is beyond a “kudos to you Derek Sivers” that deserves a statue somewhere.
Buy this book, read it, and share it, like I am doing right now. It is a bold yet scary future yet Derek and others are showing us that there are paths out of the wilderness. If we follow our inner voice and let it our passion(s) drive us we can too see the clearing ahead.

Elam McKnight

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