Spotify is now on my computer

I got one of the coveted Spotify accounts and I have to say that this will spread like wildfire in America. Just the idea of having something first drives our consumerist minds and there will be “gabillions” of people flocking to this service which is free for 6 months. I get the feeling that this is going to be one of those drug dealer scenarios for music junkies, “just a taste” for now kind of things and then later the shakes for it will kick in once all the bells and whistles come rolling out.
If this is the answer to combating piracy or better yet offering a more consistent, safer, and quality alternative I am all for it and am going to follow its development closely.
Out of the box I like it. As a music junkie I love the idea that I can reach out and grab the Jimi Hendris catalog at a whim. Sure I pretty much own the Jimi Hendrix catalog but still it’s nice. Though the Beatles and AC/DC are absent which I find interesting and wonder when that will change.
(I gotta respect AC/DC’s complete ignore on downloads for no other reason than it is always interesting to see someone go so completely against the grain. I think they are probably smart but I am not sure why. Holding out does seem to drive your product harder. I will write my thoughts on this issue after some more study and reflection.)
But it is convenient and pretty awesome, when you want to listen to some music, and know that 15 million songs are just sitting there at your disposal. It is like you have been given access to this endless music library with the minder simply saying “just turn off the lights and lock up when you are done.”
This is probably going to get interesting.

Elam McKnight

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