Welcome to your Bed of Roses

Whoever told you it was going to be easy LIED!
Whoever said life is a Bed of Roses Lied as well!
If you are attempting something and everything always goes smoothly then one or two things are most likely going on, you have only begun or you are not really attempting something you are imagining you are, either way you got a long way to go or you are a happy idiot!
Do not ever, ever , ever give up. The winner is the one who keeps going when others sat down and cried, ran for shelter, and or peed their pants The victor is the one who at the end of it all is standing amid the carnage screaming like the world’s most vicious Spartan of old “Is that all you’ve got?”
You have to summon your own King Leonidas, Conan, Rocky Balboa, or Albert Pujols! It is no one ‘s duty to “do you” as best as “you” can be done but “you!”
You are the arbiter of your own destiny, get busy making a map and stick to it like your life depends on it, because guess what, it does!
When you can’t do anymore, do ten more and then really get focused.
We gather things in times of ease for when we need them for times of hardship. Be a great gatherer because if you are in the grit there are very little times of ease, get used to it.
If you really want something but you are easily frustrated and quit because you can’t cope then you did not want it to begin with, you just thought you did.
Nobody wants to hear it! If they did they would ask!
Buck up!
Keep your powder dry!
Make sure you are right and move forward!
Take everything any coach who was trying to motivate your sorry butt and make a raw stew out of it in a blender and drink ever freaking drop of it and lick the glass clean!
This is you, this is now, and it has to be done or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those who read this thank you. But it wasn’t for you it was for me!
Elam McKnight

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