You are not John Galt!

Ok I am stumping here for a reason so if you need no stumping on your #FF or your TGIF then “Hey you get off of my cloud” because I am going to stump for the next 200 words or so. You’ve been warned.
First off I kind of like Ayn Rand’s fiction, in the same way I like the odd bad movie now and then, and I think that her two “tour de force works”, Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, are very good. I also like Star Wars, The Three Stooges, Old School Memphis Wrestling, the Destroyer book series, the comic Spawn by Todd McFarlane, Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, and The Last of the Mohicans by James Fennimore Cooper. What does this random list have to do with the title of this blog or Ayn Rand? Absolutely everything.
All the things I randomly listed are works of fiction, albeit one cinematic and the other a childhood guilty pleasure, me being from this particular part of the southeast, yet it is still all fiction. They contain characters created out of someone’s imagination and I love them as creations.
There is a certain segment of the population, I have not done a head count or anything but I am sure it is significant enough to note, that think they are John Galt. If you do not know who John Galt is then follow closely. John Galt is a character in an Ayn Rand book called Atlas Shrugged. He is supposed to feel adrift in a world where he is constantly bombarded with peons or lesser individuals and this absolutely kills him enough that he rejects society and goes on a “strike.” Why should he have to inhabit a world filled with people who are less than he, after all he is great, just ask him.
The top part of this Wiki can fill you in as well
The problem I have with calling yourself John Galt is this: Ayn Rand is no one to be basing a political movement around. No more than I have any business running around yelling “I am Huck Finn!” and basing a political system around the writing of Mark Twain, though that would make the political party at least interesting and definitely humorous, something completely lacking from the works of Ayn Rand.
Do you want people running around proclaiming “I am Moe” and bashing people over the head, rubber necking them, or gouging their eyes? Absolutely not! Why? Because slapstick is funny in the light of it being fictitious, we really don’t want people hitting each other upside the head with huge wrenches, we let the Threee Stooges do it because it is funny without the cost of having actual human injury.
The theories behind Ayn Rand, good writing aside, are dangerous and would cause people to actually get hurt (insert slapstick funny/real people really getting hurt not). Why? Because her brand of “objectivism” or whatever else the Neo Cons are calling it this week is profiteering disguised as “let the smart superior people run things and you ugly peons just do what we say.” We see where that has gotten us. Ayn Rand’s vision is not one of equality but one of privileged for a select elite (cough Hitler) and the rest of the world here to do its work, its living, its dying, and its bidding, kind of like the Bush family.
I am only yanking your chain on that one the Bush family would never pose themselves as an elite class of people, they are folksy.
So all you folks posting online, or carrying a sign at a rally, or yelling out loud “I am John Galt” I ask you to please stop. You have the right to do it and I would fight and die for your right to do it but please stop. I am making this request as one American to another. It is time we stop screaming and start listening to one another. Stop being manipulated by all the sides and realize that in the end there is only one side and that is the American side, at least for now (once we all get it it will be humanity’s side). With our access to technology we can build a wonderful world and truly change things but basing it on an atheist hag who kind of comes off cold to touch is no way to start anything. (my apologies to my atheist friends I just find it ironic that the Neo Con’s cling to her and religion at the same time. Go check her out she hated Christianity.)
Let’s start fresh and do it together. I don’t want to leave you out and I think we can all cross the finish line together and no one has to lose or win. We all just make it!
Or else
I am going to start yelling
“I am Luke Skywalker” which also
makes no sense!


Jocks indicate the coming Singularity

Coaches Fear Team Bonding Fading in Digital Age

The above article describes coaches take on the tech age and how it is effecting sports teams and their ability to bond. They complain that their players, when not on the field or practice, stay insulated in the digital world with their Iphones and social networking. One coach even sited the problem of his players communicating more with opposing players than their own teammates via text messaging and the other types of tools available to them. This only leads me to this conclusive question: What the Heck is going on here?
If Joe Paterno, who does not know how to even operate a computer, back in the day, even thought one of his players was communicating with the opposing side he would have gone bazonkers! Premises of old sports movies are based on this plot element: “We got the other side’s secrets.” Now due to digital means the concept of team is dwindling somewhat, at least according to coaches, both college and pro. They talk about how insular their players are and how difficult it is for them to form a group of comrades amongst their ranks. Folks this has become a problem in the last 5 years. What is really going on?
First I am not looking at this as a particularly negative thing because I lost my whole “go team” attitude a while back but this is startling when you think about it. The opposing team, when I played sports, was viewed as the enemy and no other way.
No slam on jocks and I am in total respect of the student athlete because that is a chore unlike any other, juggling school and an arduous athletic regiment, but they are generally not getting articles written about them and their overuse of technology. Do you get where I am going?
If it is happening at this level one can only imagine what this implies for the rest of the world.
We are merging as a planet. I am not sure into what but people are getting together and talking, communicating, sharing, teaching, and a ton of other things. Folks we are heading towards Singularity and I am hoping it revolutionizes the world for the better.
If linebackers are chatting up the opposition then what do you think hipsters are doing?

Waiting for Robert Johnson

I am waiting on my copy of Robert Johnson: Lost and Found. I had a friend recommend it to me and I have wanted to read it for years. I have always, at least since I was a teen-er, held many of the stories related as fact about RJ as hyperbole at best if not out and out fabrication. You have to be very careful in my realm about being one to dispel because, after all, there are people very invested in the life of Robert Johnson, if not the myth of Robert Johnson. There are people who make a living out of it and I, like Vito Coreleone (the Godfather), begrudge no one on how they make their living.
I will read this voraciously and report back.

Amy Winehouse did not OD

Amy Winehouse’s toxicology reports released
The world, I am sure, is recoiling in shock that Amy Winehouse did not overdose. I kind of suspected that those who said she had been clean were telling the truth because they themselves seemed so at a loss for why she had passed where before they had publicly pleaded for her to get straight.
At the end of the day, as I will maintain forever, we have lost a great talent far, far too soon. Regardless of the reason of her demise the world missed out on some great music and in these times, as in all times, the world can always use it to soothe its soul.

Oh Heck Yeah: Pearl Jam Movie!

Ok Let’s get the link to it out of the way right off the bat. Go to the link and if you are a fan
and especially if you are a Gen X’er like myself, prepared to get chills. Why do I go “ga ga”
over this band (I will generally be found guilty of stumping two bands: RHCP and PJ) because
in watching the footage from this trailer, the deep and voluminous thronging masses rocking out to one of the best American Rock N Roll Bands ever, I get all gooey and smile because in the middle of one of those crowds back in the 90’s I could have been found moshing right along with the rest of the people feeling the affinity they felt with this band and their music.
Cameron Crowe made this one so I suspect it will be awesome even if you are not a total nutbag fan, like yours truly. This piece of work also includes many, many unseen clips from the Pearl Jam Vault, the fabled Vault that all bands have, where they keep the really good stuff. LOL. But the clips look awesome and make me wish I was standing in the front row and rocking out. (well maybe just sitting in a theater inwardly rocking out) All I can say is this 20th anniversary movie/documentary is the kind of thing that comes along, well, every 20 years or so. This appears to have the same thing Pearl Jam the band has, authenticity. Other bands made similar theater ventures, ahhh cough U2, which were really just exercises in how big can we blow our butt up to the world. This is a legitimate movie that people would pay to go see because it is a true documentary, not fluff or one long music video.
They are that great and they have always done it on their own terms. I have referenced their sincerity just days ago at the release of the WM3 and a while back on why these guys just keep holding it down. I have noticed other people, for some strange reason, lately only start realizing that there was a band named “Pearl Jam” and they did a few albums back in the 90’s (if you do not get my sarcasm get over yourself) I only have this “Where have you been?” like Pearl Jam just all of a sudden appeared. They have been here the whole time like a spiritual, eternal being, well at least one that manifested 20 years ago.
I will not wax, which would be really easy to do, on why this movie makes me smile and feel something that I firmly believe is beyond sentimental, but if it is sentimental give me two more double helpings of it and drop some of that gravy right in that spooned out spot I made for it, yeah right there!

WM3 get relief

The West Memphis 3 are now free men and it is about darn time! Too bad that the real killer(s) will never be brought to justice and worse 3 little boys were brutally murdered and 3 boys turned into men behind bars for something they most likely had nothing to do with. Too bad poor people get the shaft and billionaire crooks get to take enormous bowel movements at a huge cost to tax payers and our economy and still give out million dollar bonuses to their minions who keep them fat and the poor man hungry. The world keeps spinning and the game goes on. Still too bad somebody killed those boys, they would have been grown men now.
What does this have to do with music?
Eddie Vedder stood by them the entire time and his, and many other people’s great effort, made today possible. Musicians used to lead all the time and now, perhaps in this crazy place, it is time for them to step up to bat more often and take a stand for the common people who they generally are heroes too. No surprise that Vedder and Johnny Depp saw an affinity with these boys (WM3), they could have been them when they were kids. Bless your hearts!
Thanks for taking a stand for the simple folk!