Don’t forget to practice

In all this hustle and bustle that we find ourselves caught up in, and most of you in music have to work another job or two to make ends meet, not to mention this stifling economy which makes things twice as hard, we forget an important element to the equation. And I am not trying to be a killjoy either.
But in all of your promoting, scheming and planning don’t forget one very important aspect of your game: PRACTICE.
I don’t care if you are a solo acoustic performer you need to practice also remember the more cogs (read cogs as people) involved in your system (read as band) the more need for them all to firing on the same timing chain in congress (read you and your band need to have your stuff wired tight).
It is so obvious when I go see a band live who is a throw together outfit, who is using this as a fun thing (which is cool) and one who is in this to rock people’s face off. For my money I take the latter every time, and if you are paying a cover charge to see live music by all means expect a live professional band. When I see them fumbling for a set list, too much time between songs, and have generally unkempt arrangements I always get this feeling, irking really, that I have been swindled by some musical hucksters, provided I paid a cover to see the band. That is just me and I have been like that since I was old enough to get into shows or young and brave enough to sneak into them. One of the problems or sources of the problem is club owners, not all some, are willing to throw just anyone up there that wants to play for nothing. As with many things you get what you pay for, sadly people at the door are many times paying for this. Perhaps there in lies the problem. Music venues used to be exclusively about the performance and presenting a professional act and you as a patron expected that when you walked through the door, handed over your money, and took your place in the “crowd”, notice how they have dwindled, to get prepared to be ROCKED! Not as much of that going on these days. And it is sad really. Now go practice!
Elam McKnight

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