There are no magic buttons: stop wasting time looking for them

I made the mistake one time of telling an artist that I casually knew another performer who was of some stature. Immediately she lit up and said “oh could you give her one of my CD’s I think if she heard me she could really make some things happen for me.”
OK here is the first error in thinking: People who are established do not have abilities that can immediately take you from obscurity to super stardom. It don’t work like that. They busted their tails getting to that point.
Second: what makes you think they want to help you?
It is a tough world out there and your goal should be not to have someone randomly pass off your demo to someone you know but to generate enough interest out there in internet land that the individual you want to hear your songs will, because they stumbled upon because you are pushing your music. That is trick. The other is just wasting your time and theirs. Now by all means if you read an add in a journal or a legitimate periodical that a certain artist you really admire is seeking demos shoot the moon! But don’t do the other. It just don’t work like that.
Elam McKnight

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