My next album

I am holding on tight, as all of you should be that are in the game of making music. I have done my last traditional album. By traditional I mean that I had a publicist, who I adored working with, a promoter, who is top notch, and really stepped the game up in the old way of doing things. The album, physically, will be reaching retail markets in mere days and I am glad about this. I might sound like the guy who built the last stage coaches but I finally fulfilled the full blown experience and am proud of what the album has done thus far. Now it is time to move past that.
Of course I will be promoting and doing all the things a person should do to get that album heard and played and purchased yet this is the the last spoke on that old wheel.
I have been devising new ways which the material will be released and using the wheel as an analogy I have not reinvented one by any stretch of the imagination. I just see some collaborative things that other people are not doing now that we will be doing come a year from now. And oh what a busy year it will be. We have already begun pre-production of the next album and working up the tracks.
I remember what a studio owner said when pressed for comment on what he would be doing with all this change abounded about him in the industry and his answer was sticky as all get out, hence me remembering it by rout 2 years after I read it. He said ” we are going to do what we have always done and that is make great music for the people to listen to.” Brilliant.
In all this change some things are going to stay the same. So instead of worrying about your tracks being on Spotify, they should be mine are, you need to be more concerned with what artists have always been worried about: Making Music that people want to hear.
Solve that riddle or make a sonic riddle that people want to figure out and you got half the game licked!
I cannot wait until you hear our new music!
Elam McKnight

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