Something Crazy (Continued)

Ok a few days ago I posted that I did something Crazy. Turns out it was not so crazy after all. Back in July I was watching CNN and a very interesting story about “millennials.” For you unfamiliar with this term it is now used to describe the Generation Y folks or “millennials” who are entering the workforce, their special needs, and the new ways of doing they bring to the work place. The featured company in the story was Euro RSCG Worldwide PR who are some of the heaviest hitters in the Public Relations field and who also employ a large number of those who qualify as “millennials.” I was intrigued by the story as these folks were experts in the utilizing social media and technology to push messages out to the world. Their CEO is an individual by the name of Marian Salzman so to cut to the chase, while the story was still running on CNN, I emailed her. I asked, in the email, if she would be interested in providing insight, from her obvious area of expertise, Public Relations, to the Indie Musician. I sent the email and suspected it would be lost in what I am sure is a huge inbox or just sent straight to some even more massive Spam folder.
Five minutes later she email me back, very politely and said “Sure” she would be interested in helping me and could I send questions.
I was shocked. The lesson here folks:
ladies and gentlemen we are all connected.
Below are the questions I posed and after that I will post Marian Salzman’s very informative blog she sent in response to them. I thank her greatly for taking the time to share her knowledge as you should too.
The Questions
1) What should be the goal and means to an end of an independent music artist when utilizing social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr)?
2) What are some of the new social media outlets you see on the horizon that will be a useful tool to the independent artist?
3) What are your views on piracy and how can the independent artist “flip” free music to their benefit?
4) From a PR perspective what are some of the ways an independent artist can generate the “buzz” so many people are after
on a small or non-existent budget?
5) Should an artist forgo the old school press kit and go for a total online one or a mixture of both?
6) What are the ways you discover an independent artist and what are the things that make them “sticky” to you?
7) What would you advise an independent artist to evaluate and try in order to improve their “stickiness?”
8 Where do you see music going (how it is presented, acquired, utilized) in the next 5 years?
9) At what point will an artist know that it is time to retain professionals to jump into their career?
10) If you were an independent artist with an album of material what would be the first 3 things you would do to get it noticed?
11) Do you think record labels are a thing of the past? Will they evolve into new things or just fall completely in on themselves?

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