Johnny Rivers on Spotify

Scanning over the Spotify playlists and content is absolutely astounding. They have Lester “Road Hog” Moran and the Cadillac Cowboys if that gives you any idea of the depth of the thing!
But one particular gem I unearthed, which I had no idea existed, was the album Johnny Rivers’ Totally Live at the Whisky a Go Go. What a joy to find this thing. I grew up with my father’s copy playing on my turntable and I have since found many other music aficionados and musicians who grew up listening to this wonderful recording of a rocking three piece just doing what any three piece should aim for, playing tight, cool arrangements and rocking the house. The version I found is a digitally remastered version of two albums really, Live at the Whisky A Go GO and the second Here We A-Go-Go Again, entitled Totally Live at the Whisky A GO GO. If you have never listened, which if you are my age or older and ever listened to classic Golden Oldie radio it would pretty much be impossible not to have, I suggest you get on Spotify and check out some of this album. It is really cool and hard not to like.
We need more of this kind of thing now, a clean audience/interactive show where you can still clearly hear the band but the people totally digging the music. A far cry of the overblown arena affair that have become standard for live recordings now. Perhaps that might become my next goal. To record a live album that really sounds live and not like a space craft taking off.
Nonetheless the aforementioned Mr. Rivers is great stuff that I suggest any fan of R&B and Blues would really dig.
Tell em Phillips sentcha!


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