WM3 get relief

The West Memphis 3 are now free men and it is about darn time! Too bad that the real killer(s) will never be brought to justice and worse 3 little boys were brutally murdered and 3 boys turned into men behind bars for something they most likely had nothing to do with. Too bad poor people get the shaft and billionaire crooks get to take enormous bowel movements at a huge cost to tax payers and our economy and still give out million dollar bonuses to their minions who keep them fat and the poor man hungry. The world keeps spinning and the game goes on. Still too bad somebody killed those boys, they would have been grown men now.
What does this have to do with music?
Eddie Vedder stood by them the entire time and his, and many other people’s great effort, made today possible. Musicians used to lead all the time and now, perhaps in this crazy place, it is time for them to step up to bat more often and take a stand for the common people who they generally are heroes too. No surprise that Vedder and Johnny Depp saw an affinity with these boys (WM3), they could have been them when they were kids. Bless your hearts!
Thanks for taking a stand for the simple folk!

2 thoughts on “WM3 get relief

  1. From what I’ve read, it sounds as if the music world thought Arkansas was backwards in 1993. Something must have happened because it used to be everyone listened to what the rest of the world listened to. I never liked heavy metal, but many others did. Van Halen was very popular years ago, as was Areosmith, Lynard Skynard, and many others. Perhaps these artists aren’t considered heavy metal, but they were belting out choir songs either. Lol!

    From what I’ve read, it sounded as if they used degenerates to incarcerate other degenerates.

    A little truth perhaps: The Byers boy reported that a man dressed in black photographed him some time-6-8 weeks-prior to the attack.

    I think this is more than likely true, but it doesn’t mean Echols had a patent on that particular fashion…especially not that closes to country singing greats.

    Just seems strange that Byers lost the family jewels-his step-father a jeweler. A hair was found in the knot that belonged to another victim’s step-father-one who had obvious problems from a decade earlier, and little evidence was ever found or produced. The other boy, from a more upstanding family, was not brutalized as the other two were.

    It is doubtful that these three youngsters, however delinquent they were at the time, could have staged such an event.

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