Oh Heck Yeah: Pearl Jam Movie!


Ok Let’s get the link to it out of the way right off the bat. Go to the link and if you are a fan
and especially if you are a Gen X’er like myself, prepared to get chills. Why do I go “ga ga”
over this band (I will generally be found guilty of stumping two bands: RHCP and PJ) because
in watching the footage from this trailer, the deep and voluminous thronging masses rocking out to one of the best American Rock N Roll Bands ever, I get all gooey and smile because in the middle of one of those crowds back in the 90’s I could have been found moshing right along with the rest of the people feeling the affinity they felt with this band and their music.
Cameron Crowe made this one so I suspect it will be awesome even if you are not a total nutbag fan, like yours truly. This piece of work also includes many, many unseen clips from the Pearl Jam Vault, the fabled Vault that all bands have, where they keep the really good stuff. LOL. But the clips look awesome and make me wish I was standing in the front row and rocking out. (well maybe just sitting in a theater inwardly rocking out) All I can say is this 20th anniversary movie/documentary is the kind of thing that comes along, well, every 20 years or so. This appears to have the same thing Pearl Jam the band has, authenticity. Other bands made similar theater ventures, ahhh cough U2, which were really just exercises in how big can we blow our butt up to the world. This is a legitimate movie that people would pay to go see because it is a true documentary, not fluff or one long music video.
They are that great and they have always done it on their own terms. I have referenced their sincerity just days ago at the release of the WM3 and a while back on why these guys just keep holding it down. I have noticed other people, for some strange reason, lately only start realizing that there was a band named “Pearl Jam” and they did a few albums back in the 90’s (if you do not get my sarcasm get over yourself) I only have this “Where have you been?” like Pearl Jam just all of a sudden appeared. They have been here the whole time like a spiritual, eternal being, well at least one that manifested 20 years ago.
I will not wax, which would be really easy to do, on why this movie makes me smile and feel something that I firmly believe is beyond sentimental, but if it is sentimental give me two more double helpings of it and drop some of that gravy right in that spooned out spot I made for it, yeah right there!

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