Jocks indicate the coming Singularity

Coaches Fear Team Bonding Fading in Digital Age

The above article describes coaches take on the tech age and how it is effecting sports teams and their ability to bond. They complain that their players, when not on the field or practice, stay insulated in the digital world with their Iphones and social networking. One coach even sited the problem of his players communicating more with opposing players than their own teammates via text messaging and the other types of tools available to them. This only leads me to this conclusive question: What the Heck is going on here?
If Joe Paterno, who does not know how to even operate a computer, back in the day, even thought one of his players was communicating with the opposing side he would have gone bazonkers! Premises of old sports movies are based on this plot element: “We got the other side’s secrets.” Now due to digital means the concept of team is dwindling somewhat, at least according to coaches, both college and pro. They talk about how insular their players are and how difficult it is for them to form a group of comrades amongst their ranks. Folks this has become a problem in the last 5 years. What is really going on?
First I am not looking at this as a particularly negative thing because I lost my whole “go team” attitude a while back but this is startling when you think about it. The opposing team, when I played sports, was viewed as the enemy and no other way.
No slam on jocks and I am in total respect of the student athlete because that is a chore unlike any other, juggling school and an arduous athletic regiment, but they are generally not getting articles written about them and their overuse of technology. Do you get where I am going?
If it is happening at this level one can only imagine what this implies for the rest of the world.
We are merging as a planet. I am not sure into what but people are getting together and talking, communicating, sharing, teaching, and a ton of other things. Folks we are heading towards Singularity and I am hoping it revolutionizes the world for the better.
If linebackers are chatting up the opposition then what do you think hipsters are doing?

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