Everything is not going to be OK (update)


I have re-read and re-read the above article by Mike Lofgren. While this blog generally deals with things music related I am so struck by the significance of not just what he has written but what he has done. Also this is probably as significant as anything Woodward and Bernstein ever wrote, if you need a refresher on who they are one word: Watergate. I am, after all, an American first and what this man has written is so disturbing it is akin to watching a totally realistic horror movie with murderous villains committing atrocity after atrocity and then being told those same pernicious creatures are waiting outside in your yard to get you.
Where this differs from Woodward and Bernstein is that you can skip all the Deep Throat, clandestine, underworld journalist thriller type action and just cut to the chase. This is Deep Throat telling you, without hiding anything and in full view of the entire world that our system is corrupt beyond repair.
The man uses the term “low information voters” like a term that is obviously tossed about freely by those we elect to serve us. Want to feel marginalized? Let that term sink into your mind and figure out for yourself what he really means by that term. You don’t count.
I would like it very much if someone could pull me aside and say these simple words “dude it is not that serious” and me get my bearings back. But that is not going to happen. Mike Lofgren was a high level staff member for 28 years at the capital. His credentials are impeccable and he walked away from it a worried man. It would be too easy for someone to say he is jaded and just wants payback but the man is indicting our entire system. He is not just now baiting the GOP he is telling the world the whole system is so corrupt that we really do not have a country at all but one big plantation where we are all servants and slaves to the corporations that run the world. Yes it is that serious.
I like to take politics with a grain of salt and remain ambivalent but hopeful. This took any wind of hope right out of my sails. Am I surprised? No more than I was when someone told me for a fact Santa Claus was not real. It still hurt and I was pissed but I had suspected the ruse all along.
This is much different,though we all have experienced the Santa Claus revelation, we all are about to experience something more sinister and real.
Read the above article, even if it takes you all day and several return trips to it. Let it soak in. None of it is really new information but it is confirmation that the X files was not that crazy after all. Am I being cavalier and jumping the shark? Read it for yourself and you tell me. Let’s do the one thing they do not want us to do. Let’s stop fighting and arguing and really discuss where we are and what we are going to do about it. Don’t worry about chickens coming home to roost. They are here and quite comfortable. I wish I had never took that red pill!

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