I am about to really make myself look unhip: Why X Factor will end AI

I had never watched an episode of American Idol until the season began in 2009. I followed it that season for reasons I will not share and must admit it hooked me in. I became enamored at the process and whether my perceptions were going to be correct or was the show convoluted and hand-picked and a “set up.” My angle(s) for watching were very different from the ones I noticed in others. I know (all you hipsters out there) that does not make me any less uncool for admitting this and I could share with you another reason but I do not want to be all personal and also I do not want to cop-out either: I enjoyed that season, the next one so-so, and last year, it was ok.
Here is my prediction and here is why it will work out just like I say. X Factor is going to jump the gun on AI and come out this week, probably run right up to the beginning of AI or a little after, and totally take its thunder and fans right along with it. Here is why: 1) Simon Cowell has recreated the original AI panel of judges, looking at publicity shots I thought LA Reid was Randy Jackson and wondered to myself “did Randy Jackson leave American Idol?” That is totally on purpose and most people, the average media consumer, especially reality TV fans, will not miss a lick. They are so Zombi-fied they will probably call him Randy and not even realize they are doing it. Of course you have Paula Abdul who was an original and of course Simon Cowell himself. which leads me to 2) Nicole Scherzinger. Have you ever seen her? Nuff said? Lol seriously she is fine and her industry credibility is without question. Not sure how this will play out and wonder if they are not shooting themselves in the foot right out the gate a bit. I think they should have gone with the 3 judge panel of the original AI. It seems to work and would only bolster those who want AI back. But she will have the male, teen-30 year old demographic covered. Sorry J-Lo but there is a new sheriff in town.
3) Proven Success rate. X Factor already works in the UK which when something is a hit there it usually translates right into Americans audiences. And lastly
4)Simon Cowell himself. What was obviously missing from AI, and granted I have only watched the show for 3 seasons and last year’s was kind of on and off, but that might explain it: the absence of Cowell is so obvious there is no point in even bringing it up. This will be why the X Factor will trump AI and AI will die a pretty quick death. Simon Cowell brings perfect balance to the show and will be successful as that Brit you just love to hate.
There you have it. I have blogged on something totally un-hip and I feel better for it!

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